The Ghost Script | Jules Feiffer

„The Ghost Script plunges us into a universe of violence, paranoia and the shattering of dreams and it’s the atmosphere Feiffer elicits which makes it so special.” Starburst MagazineJules Feiffer delivers the tour de force of his illustrious career in this epic finale. In The Ghost Script, he plunges us into the blowzy, boozy world of Blacklist Hollywood, circa 1953: witch hunts, Reds, pinkos, starlets and a mysterious, orchid-growing mastermind, the renamed „Cousin Joseph”, running a back-channel clearing house for victims of the entertainment world’s purge. Stumbling his way through this maze is private eye Archie Goldman, a tough-talking good guy, always a step or two behind, in this story of plots, counterplots and goon violence. In this satiric assault on America’s past and present, Feiffer shows how the arc of history evolves from starry dreams to thwarted and sold-out dreams.